Hyderabad, also known as the City of Pearls, is an erstwhile seat of the powerful and wealthy Qutb Shahi and Asaf Jahi dynasties, the city has seen centuries of great prosperity and innovation. Today, the ‘Old City’ is full of centuries-old Islamic monuments and even older charms. In fact, the whole city is laced with architectural gems: ornate tombs, mosques, palaces and homes from the past – some weathered and enchanting, others recently restored and gleaming – are peppered across town.

The 1990s saw the rise of Hyderabad’s western side, ‘Cyberabad’ as it went on to become a hub of software companies. Along with Bengaluru (Bangalore) and Pune, Hyderabad too is an important centre of India’s mighty software industry and has created a culture of good food and posh lounges in the city. Secunderabad, north of the Hussain Sagar, is the former British cantonment, now useful to travellers mainly for its huge train station.

Telugu (the state language of Telangana and one of India’s six living classical languages) and Urdu are widely spoken in Hyderabad, and most educated people speak Telugu, Urdu, Hindi and/or English. English signs are common on the road.

Located 22 km south of downtown, Hyderabad-Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is the sixth busiest airport in India. The airport is named after former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi. It replaced the former international airport of the city, Begumpet Airport. The airport was newly constructed in 2008 and currently handles more than 7.6 million passengers annually.

RGIA, though new, already has a number of feathers in its cap. From being rated the No. 1 airport in the world (in the 5-15 million passenger category), to being ranked 5th worldwide (in the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) annual survey by the Airports Council International (ACI)), to being the first airport with the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design New Construction (LEED NC) silver-rated certification by the US Green Building Council, an A380-compatible runway, to name a few. The RGIA is the first in Asia and one of the only two airports in the world to have achieved green status so far.

Hyderabad, a potential transit hub of South Asia, is centrally located with well-connected national and international air carriers. One can reach Hyderabad from anywhere in the world with ease of time and convenience.

International flights that directly connect to Hyderabad arrive at International terminal where the delegates get a homely welcome while they go through necessary Immigration and Customs formalities. Hyderabad is also well connected to major metro cities throughout India by domestic airlines. Rail and Road Connectivity from Hyderabad to all major cities of India is also noteworthy. Trains leaving from Hyderabad and Kachiguda can also be boarded at Secunderabad Railway Station.

Hyderabad has direct international connectivity to Europe (London), Middle East and South East Asia. One can reach Hyderabad either with a direct connection from any of the major hubs connecting Hyderabad or via New Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata. Delegates can also take a connecting flight to Hyderabad via New Delhi & Mumbai, as both the cities have direct connectivity to all major cities of the world and are within 2 hours flight time from Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is located in central part of the Indian state of Telangana and is spread over an area of 260 sq. km. The city lies in the Deccan Plateau and rises to an average height of 536 m above the sea level.

Hyderabad is blessed with a unique landscape – spectacular rock formations which are about 2,500 million years old; amongst the oldest and hardest rocks in the world. Rocky and hilly regions around the city are under obliteration for urbanization. Hyderabad falls in the seismic zone-I and is seismically least exposed to earthquakes. The highest point in the city is Banjara Hills.

Hyderabad has a unique combination of a tropical wet and dry climate that borders on a hot semi-arid climate. The climate of Hyderabad remains fairly warm through most parts of the year and the city receives moderate rainfall during the monsoon months – June to November. In the month of February, the maximum temperature ranges between 29 °C to 33 °C (84.2 ºF to 91.4 ºF) while the lowest temperature is normally pegged between 17 °C to 21 °C (62.6 ºF to 69.8 ºF).

For most parts of the year the weather and climate of Hyderabad remains fairly moderate and you can visit the Hyderabad city anytime in the year but the best season to visit Hyderabad is between October–February.

The Country Code for INDIA is +91 or 0091 The City Code for HYDERABAD is 40

Landline numbers in major cities like, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai have eight digits whereas the numbers in smaller cities could have only 4-7 digits. All mobile numbers are 10 digits & begin with 7, 8 or 9.

Area Codes in India are referred to as STD codes. STD codes for some major cities are:

  • Delhi 11
  • Mumbai 22
  • Kolkata 33
  • Chennai 44
  • Bangalore 80
  • Hyderabad 40

Dialing Landline to Indian Mobile Landline: International access code (00 or +) followed by 91, then STD CODE followed by Landline no. Eg. +91 40 XXXXXXXX
Mobile: International access code (00 or +) followed by 91 and the 10-digit Mobile no. Eg. +91 XXXXXXXXXX.

From Indian Landline to Indian Mobile

  • Local call -10 digits Mobile no. (Ex. 9900990099)
  • Long distance call – 0 followed by 10 digits Mobile no. (Ex. 0 9900990099)

From Indian Mobile to Indian LandlineLocal or Long distance calls – 0 followed by STD Code, followed by Landline no. (Ex. 022 45600000)

From Indian Mobile to Indian Mobile

  • Local Call – 10 digits Mobile no. (Ex. 9900990099)
  • Long distance call – 0 followed by 10 digits Mobile no. (Ex. 0 9900990099)

Dialing Out of India to an International Number The international access code when dialing out of India is 00 (or + when dialing from a mobile phone). In India both GSM & CDMA (WLL) mobile systems are present. Please contact your mobile service providers to check their roaming partners & tariffs in India. Indian SIM cards can be purchased at the airport or at conference venue.

OLA +9140 3355-3355
MERU +9140 4422-4422
SKY +9140 4949-4949
DELTA +9140 3022-2277
TAXI FOR SURE +9140 4040-9090
ORANGE +9140 4445-4647
DOT +9140 2424-2424
YELLOW +9140 4646-4646
EASY +9140 4343-4343
MEGA +9140 2797-1111
ZEE +9140 4242-4242
SIGMA +9140 6363-6363, +9140 7111-7111
GO +9140 6999 4194
UBER Available only through mobile app